Argan Oil is Your Hair's Newest Best Friend

If you’re like me and have been blessed (yet struggle) with curly and frizzy hair, then

1. You know how it feels when the weather gets crazy and your hair does THAT thing.

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2. Chances are you've come across the term Argan Oil.

Enough trips to the salon made me well aware that Argan oil is something that was effective and useful for managing the mane, but I still didn’t know why or how I could make the most out of it. 

So for this week’s Bare 101 break down, we’re going to unlock the secrets of this magical morroccan oil and share some ideas on how you can maximize it. 

Let’s start by taking a look at what Argan oil is actually made of. 

To make Argan oil, you need the kernels found in the fruit of the Argan tree, a unique but potent tree found only in Morocco. 

Now the oil itself is teeming, and I mean teeming, with fatty acids and other vitamins that are immediate go-tos when it comes to achieving healthy hair. These are things like the omega-6 nutrient, vitamin E, and antioxidant properties. 

These nutrients might sound familiar when it comes to top tier hair care, but let me elaborate on how they work and why they deserve to become BFFs with your hair. 

Think of it this way: 

Argan Oil Protecteth

Seriously. The fatty acids in Argan oil work overtime when it comes to protecting your hair and your scalp. 

The fatty acids in the oil work to lubricate the individual hair shafts which help protect them from dryness by locking in and maintaining moisture. They also play an additional protective role by preserving the hair from damage caused by things like styling, coloring, and exposure to UV rays. 

The vitamin E in the oil also protects hair from dullness and frizziness by protecting the hair and scalp with a fatty layer of the vitamin. It also helps protect your hair from excessive hair loss and breakage since vitamin E helps stimulate hair growth. 

You might be wondering, “Argan oil sounds great, but can I really put it directly on my head?” 

Yes, you can! But if you’re worried about your hair becoming too oily and wet looking, here are some things you can try to get the most out of your Argan Oil. 

  1. Tame down frizziness.
    If you frequently blow dry your hair, rub a few drops of Argan oil on your palm and spread evenly throughout your hair. This will help protect your hair from the heat and prevent it from getting frizzy. If you prefer a more natural approach, you can spread the oil throughout your hair and skip the blowdrying part. 

    Reminder: Be very conservative with your drops. A little is enough to go a long way.

  2. Use it as a split end treatment.
    Place a few drops of Argan oil onto your palm and gently massage them into the ends of your hair. Feel free to leave it on for a bit and wash it out later on.

  3. Use it as a deep conditioning treatment.
    If you have a little extra time and essential oils on your hands, you can treat yourself to a DIY hair mask spa treatment. All you need is to mix together some Argan oil, coconut oil, and lavender oil. Take the mixture and thoroughly brush it through your hair. Try to cover everything from the roots to the ends. Massage your scalp for five minutes. After it’s dried, you can wash it off or you can opt for a deeper conditioning experience by leaving it on overnight and washing it out the next morning. 

  4. Work it into your everyday routine.
    Admittedly there are days where we feel too busy to give ourselves the at home spa treatment. By investing in trustworthy products, you can still get the luxury you deserve without spending too much time or money. At Bare Necessities MNL, our shampoo and conditioner bars are infused with argan oil to make sure that no matter how quick your shower is, you’re still providing your hair with the treatment it deserves.

You can head on over to our shop by clicking below and choosing from our variety of hair care bars available. 


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