The Beauty of Olive Oil

In Ancient Greece, olives were associated with strength and wealth. This can be linked back to the Panathenaic Games (a huge and important celebration in honor of their goddess Athena.) 

...It's a yes from us for celebrating powerful women! 

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Anyway going back to the games...For such an important celebration, winners were awarded with something of extreme value:

Olive Oil.

Not just a cute little bottle that you can find in the ancient Greek grocery, but around 140 large jars worth, marking the winners as people of extreme wealth. 

The historical evidence pointing to the great value of olive oil has prompted researchers to look more into its other benefits. As it turns out, incorporating olive oil into our skincare routines is full of benefits that bring us much closer to achieving our own version of Greek goddess greatness. 

Olive oil is high in fatty acid content. This gives it a thicker texture that doesn’t evaporate as quickly as other products, as well as making it an ideal moisturizer. It is also naturally high in the hydrocarbon (squalene) that is close to our skin’s natural sebum. When applied to the skin, it increases water retention, providing a deep moisturization effect. As a result, the skin becomes more hydrated, healthy, smooth, and soft. 

Another highlight of olive oil is the high amount of antioxidant properties it has. The naturally occurring antioxidants found in olive oil help the skin cells battle against all kinds of environmental damage such as harsh exposure to the sun, free radicals, bacteria, etc. The antioxidants and vitamins A, D, K, and E also actively prevent signs of aging and wrinkles by reducing the effects of oxidative stress on the skin. Instead, the properties in the olive oil trigger and vitalize new cell generation, giving off that youthful glow. 

Not only is olive oil great on its own, but it also makes for a great addition to many other beauty products because it’s friendly and safe to mix with other ingredients. This makes it especially ideal to include it in soap bars that are crafted to provide lasting benefits for your skin.

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