The Peppermint Must Have

Now that we are well into the ber-months, the Filipino holiday scene is seeing the usual crossover of Halloween and Christmas. Having said that, we thought it we thought it appropriate to focus this week’s bare breakdown on the candy cane classic: 


Peppermint essential oil is made by heating the peppermint plant at low temperatures, and extracting the oil from the steam or vapor. This eventually forms the essential oil that has become a household name, not only for its stand out smell, but also for all its benefits.

Skin-loving benefits
We’re all familiar with the cooling and soothing smell of peppermint. I mean seriously...

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But a little less known fact is that these same properties help calm irritations and inflammations allergies, rashes, and sunburns. It also works for controlling acne by preventing clogging of the pores and production of excess oils. The oil is also able to cleanse the skin with its natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Hair-loving benefits
The benefits don’t stop at the skin level! Underneath our beautiful hair, our scalp is in need of some TLC too, and this is where peppermint essential oil can save the day. This is because the menthol aspect of the peppermint oil helps to promote blood flow in the scalp. This helps to prevent hair loss and promotes thicker and healthier hair growth. The natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties also help to cleanse the scalp of dandruff, and soothe the irritations and itchiness that it may cause.

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#QuickBeautyTip: Peppermint essential oil is so loaded with benefits that it packs a bit of a potent punch. So before applying it directly on your skin or scalp, researchers and beauty experts recommend to use it with a carrier oil. But to make your life even easier, we at Bare Necessities MNL have taken the liberty of incorporating it into several of our products. This way, you can enjoy all the minty benefits while keeping it bare, natural, and gentle.

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