Why You Should Bet on Bentonite Clay

As a child, I was bewitched by TV commercials involving kids who could take a lump of clay and turn it into practically anything they wanted. I was amazed at how these little lumps of clay could look like doughnuts, little monsters, a delicious ice cream sundae or even a penguin training for a marathon. 

Gif from Tenor

Personally, my specialty was making the clay into a ball or a worm...#skills. 

But still! Despite my lack of talent, what made it so fun and wonderful was the possibility of taking something seemingly plain, and turning it into something else. 

In today’s Bare 101 break down, we’re going to be taking a look at Bentonite Clay, a seemingly simple and (quite literally) ashy ingredient, but when used right can be the holy grail detoxifier your skin needs. 

Bentonite clay is essentially a powder that comes from aged volcanic ash that broke into the skin care scene because of it’s amazing detoxifying properties. 

(Fun Fact: The largest known deposit of Bentonite can be found in Fort Benton, Wyoming, which is where it gets its name.) 

I guess this technically classifies it as a powder. But once it’s been mixed with water (some people also like to add apple cider vinegar), it turns into the thick clay-like consistency that we’re more familiar with. 

What looks like dust acts as a magnet that draws out toxins and impurities from our skin by attaching itself to the excess sebum and bacteria. Pretty attractive right? Get it? 😅  

Gif from TENOR 

But that’s not even the best part! 

Bentonite clay is 💰 filthy rich 💰 in nutrients. It contains Calcium, Magnesium, Silica, Sodium Copper, Iron, and Potassium. So once it’s done its job at detoxifying, it helps re balance the sebum levels and infuses your skin with its mineral magic. This makes the ingredient extra popular because of its ability to soothe and protect the skin, boost collagen production, re-mineralize, and even gently exfoliate. 

Since this ingredient is available as a powder, it’s easy to come across and use. The most popular way to use it is by getting the powder and concocting it into your own face mask depending on your preference.

However, with such a powerful ingredient, we at Bare Necessities MNL wanted to share the benefits with the rest of your body. To maximize the benefits even further, we’ve added it to our best selling charcoal and clay soap bar.

 You can get your own bar by heading to our shop while supplies last! 


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